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Salvation Army Quirks #2 – Tambourine Lady

Although my Corps (surprisingly) does not have a tambourine lady, I have seen my share of them.  For some of the older Corps, you know exactly who I am talking about.  She sits in the back, complains when she can’t hear, and always has her tambourine at the ready (which is being used less and less with the Hallelujah Choruses being utilized). This lady grew up as the warrior salvationist.  Her parents were officers.  Her[…]

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Song Book Theology: Introduction

I am not a singer. Never have been – probably never will be. I just don’t sing well and I like to spare others the misery. So what do I do when it comes to songs in worship? I know this sounds weird, but I analyze the words. I consider that as my worship to God: to discover the great truths of God that have been written into carefully crafted worship lyrics. I’ve been doing[…]

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Road Trip 2013: Day 3

Monday was another day full of traveling. After another great breakfast (Holiday Inn Express has the best cinnamon rolls EVER), we left Custer, SD mid-morning to go to Denver. The trip took us through Nowheresville, Wyoming as we made our way to Colorado. We saw the temperature spike to 92 degrees when we arrived in Denver. The wind was blowing with 40 mph gusts across the interstate. We finally made it to Denver and checked[…]

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Road Trip 2013: Day 2

Sunday was a sightseeing day in the Black Hills area. It was nice to be able to sleep in and not be in a rush to anything. After a great breakfast, we left our Hotel in Custer, SD to visit the Crazy Horse mountain carving. We made sure that we stopped to get our 3 canned goods each for admission to the area. I was not sure what to expect at Crazy Horse. I had[…]

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Road Trip 2013: Day 1

Yesterday began the first day of a road trip from Rockford to St. Louis! Leaving at 6:39 AM, we traveled through Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota in one day. Over 13 hours of driving (plus many rest stops) was tiring but worth it. One of the amazing things that I experienced were the hills of South Dakota. As we were driving, the flat prairie lands slowly turned into the hilly badlands (which actually look pretty[…]

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Journey to Officership: Introduction

God has a specific calling for my life.  Those of you who know me personally know exactly what I am talking about.  Since I was about 12 years old, God has called me to Salvation Army Officership – to serve Him in ministry with The Salvation Army. Over the next three years, I will be embarking on this journey to what is called “Officership”.  In this upcoming series of blog posts, I will be recounting[…]

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Salvation Army Quirks #1 – The Paused Hand Clap

Every church seems to have their own silly quirks.  These are things that most people in that church find to be normal, but in reality, they are just plain funny. One quirk that I have noticed in The Salvation Army is what I call the “Paused Hand Clap”.  If you grow up in The Salvation Army, this quirk is bound to become habit at least by the time you are a Jr. Soldier.  It is[…]

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