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Salvation Army Quirks

Salvation Army Quirks #4 – The Fanatical Sunbeam

Sunbeams are an interesting bunch in The Salvation Army.  These are elementary-aged girls who meet each week to work on emblems – it’s the Army’s version of Girl Scouts.  While Adventure Corps gets the badge work done that they need so they can go play basketball, the girls diligently work on their emblems and go beyond the requirements. But there’s always that one Sunbeam.  A name or two will probably pop into your head when[…]

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Salvation Army Quirks #3 – First Appointments

Okay, so the quirk itself isn’t the appointment, it’s the grueling process one must endure in order to get the appointment. For those of you not familiar with The Salvation Army’s appointment system, it is like being given an assignment – you are assigned to a certain position in a certain location.  As an officer, you can be moved anywhere at any time without any notice. Now the most fun appointment is the very first[…]

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Salvation Army Quirks #2 – Tambourine Lady

Although my Corps (surprisingly) does not have a tambourine lady, I have seen my share of them.  For some of the older Corps, you know exactly who I am talking about.  She sits in the back, complains when she can’t hear, and always has her tambourine at the ready (which is being used less and less with the Hallelujah Choruses being utilized). This lady grew up as the warrior salvationist.  Her parents were officers.  Her[…]

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Salvation Army Quirks #1 – The Paused Hand Clap

Every church seems to have their own silly quirks.  These are things that most people in that church find to be normal, but in reality, they are just plain funny. One quirk that I have noticed in The Salvation Army is what I call the “Paused Hand Clap”.  If you grow up in The Salvation Army, this quirk is bound to become habit at least by the time you are a Jr. Soldier.  It is[…]

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