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Academic Papers

Women in Church Ministry | Addressing the “Prohibitions” | An Egalitarian Perspective

This theological paper was written as a capstone thesis paper for Moody Bible Institute in 2014.  With it being presented to a predominantly complimentarian audience and institution, this paper, which takes an egalitarian perspective, was somewhat an academic risk.  However, the paper was well received and given helpful criticism which is reflected in this final draft.  This paper is not a complete systematic study of women in church ministry, but it addresses the two predominant passages that some view as prohibiting women from taking leadership roles in ministry.

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A Commentary on 1 Timothy 2:12 – An Egalitarian Perspective

This commentary was written as part of a Pauline class at Moody Bible Institute in 2013.  Reflecting on 1 Timothy 2:12, this commentary addresses this seemingly prohibitive verse within its proper context.  By analyzing the details of the verse, it can be clearly understood that this verse does not prohibit women today from taking leadership roles within the church.

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