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Journey to Officership: Change of Plans

As I begin my senior year at Moody Bible Institute, I’m beginning to reflect on my time here (and all the things I still need to do in Chicago before going to training).  Moody has played a significant role in my journey to officership.  There have been good times and bad, but Moody has been preparing me to be a minister of God’s Word.

Originally, I never thought of studying theology or even the Bible for my undergraduate work.  I thought to myself, “I’m going to get all of that at training, so why should I waste my time with it now?”  I thought that I would use my undergraduate time to broaden my skills and experience into other fields besides pastoral.

I really knew what I wanted to study around my Sophomore year in high school – I wanted to study music education.  I figured it would be great to have experience in teaching music – it would be my “specialty” in officership.  I was drawn to the field by my band teacher, Mrs. Hastings.  She showed me how much fun music can be!

I began looking at music schools and other Christian colleges that had music degrees.  Some on the list were Asbury, Trinity, and (of course) Indiana University.  I checked out Asbury and Trinity, but Asbury was scratched from the list because of the high cost.  I did an overnight visit to Trinity and left unimpressed.  I figured, however, that Trinity was going to be where I go since nothing else was on my radar.

Oh, how God changed that plan!

I came back from my Trinity visit and was talking to Lt. Colonels Marvin and Bodil Dahl.  I was telling them about the visit and Mrs. Dahl asked me, “Well, have you thought about Moody?”  Moody? I had heard of it, but didn’t know it was a school. All I could recall of Moody was that Greg Speck had a book published by them.  I went home that evening and looked up their website and started reading about the school.  A week later, I was going to Chicago for a visit.

At the time, I still thought I wanted to study music, so I went to a few music classes during the visit.  I also remember sitting in Christianity and Western Culture 1 (CWC1) while I was there and remembered how funny the professor was (Dr. Litfin).  As I toured the campus, I felt a sense of welcome at the school.  I felt that this was the one – this is where God wanted me to be.

I applied and was accepted on the first round of applications for the fall of 2010!  When I applied, I indicated that I wanted to major in Pastoral Ministries.  I figured that would be best for what I will be doing later.  Wrong!  God made another change of plans.

In January of my Senior year of high school, I took a class called “The Millennium and Beyond” (hmm, does that sound familiar?).  The teacher that taught the class, Mr. Jones, was a graduate of Moody and instilled in me a passion for theology.  I began to see how vast theology was and how important it was for the life of the church.  Soon after that class, I changed my major to theology.

Since then, my passion for theology has grown deeper and deeper.  I’ve developed a specific love for Salvation Army theology.  I know that God has guided me down this path so that I may be prepared as a student of His Word.  Although there have been rough times at Moody (that’s for another blog), I have felt that God has equipped me and is preparing me for the things I will learn at training.

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Blake Fewell
Blake Fewell is a Salvation Army Lieutenant serving as the Corps Officer in Marion, IN. He grew up in Rockford, IL attending The Salvation Army all his life. Blake is passionate about Salvation Army theology and ministry. Other passions include running, brass band music, social media, reading, writing, and preaching. He holds a Bachelor's degree in systematic theology from the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL and is working towards his Master's degree at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, IL.